ED Leadership: Get out of the Office for a Boost

Today, we hosted a Straight A Grant site visit at our Middle School and it touched me enough to share some insights. Until I sit with other districts, I often get caught up thinking about how much work we have yet to do. However, when I have the pleasure of collaborating with other districts, here’s what happens:

  • I realize we are growing as a district and in some cases, our district has grown by leaps and bounds.
  • I feel reverence for the many leaders, parents, students and teachers that shed blood, sweat, and tears building the foundation our district builds on today. A variety of names inevitably surface depending on the topic.
  • I am reminded that most districts experience the same struggles and sharing generates rich conversation and fresh ideas.
  • I remind myself that focusing on the pace of growth isn’t as important as the action of moving forward.

I’ve been given this advice throughout my career but it warrants stating again for anyone that needs a little boost: get out of the office, get to a conference, host a site visit, go to someone else’s site, get involved in a Twitter Chat…do whatever you can to share and collaborate. You aren’t alone on this journey. Educating students, our most valuable assets, challenges us all, but together, it is a little easier (and more fun).

Life is what happens when you were busy making plans. – John Lennon

“Always concentrate on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you have left to go.” ~Unknown