We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know #IMMOOC

We don’t know what we don’t know.

I’ve been reflecting upon this Howard Ford quote, “If we had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Sometimes we don’t know what’s possible until we see the unimaginable.

It’s easy to feel disappointed when teams struggle with creative problem-solving.

But perhaps we have to experience something different in order to imagine something different. Lately, I’m finding it helpful to enjoy shared experiences with others. Going on site visits, joining edchats, creating design thinking challenges, showing inspirational video clips, doing reading together and talking about it. All of these things both big and small can make a positive difference. Priming people’s thinking with a little heart or a little context is helpful.

And there is a chance that our best ideas will come from someplace outside of education altogether.

It’s difficult to imagine what’s possible when we don’t leave or look outside the walls of our own classroom, school, or district. Being in a district under construction has been enlightening. I’ve learned that some teachers haven’t left their classrooms…for decades. So, even a change of scenery for a PD day, conference, or meeting, can be energizing.

When you’ve tried all that you can to get people thinking differently for the sake of what’s best for kids, consider this. The next time someone gives you a reason why an idea won’t work, ask them to give you three reasons why it MIGHT work. Ask them what could be changed in order to make it work.

But stay the course! And keep yourself above the line. The world needs more fountains not drains. And all kids deserve our best.