Get Organized with Google Keep

24 Hours

Prefer to listen? Enjoy the podcast version of this post below:

Use Google Keep to stay organized, manage your time, simplify communication and make commenting on student work even easier! Google continues its tradition of simple, functional software flanked by second-to-none search capability with this Evernote competitor. For educators entrenched in the Google ecosystem, Google Keep beats Evernote hands down due to its tight integration with G Suite. Recently, Google Keep built integration into Google Docs seamlessly as well as offering a mobile version extending its utility.

As I listened to a podcast by Lee Cockerell, author of Creating Magic, he relentlessly focused on the importance of time management. There’s one guarantee: we all receive the same 24 hours in a day. What are you doing with your time and how can you spend more time doing what you want to do versus doing what you have to do?

Google Keep offers the following functionality:

  • Stay organized. Making lists, an age-old tradition simply works. Celebrate a job well done, when you’ve checked off elements within your list.
  • Collaborative list building. Build a list and share it with your team for rudimentary project management.
  • Store photographs. Use the mobile app to snap a picture and store it for use later and add notes relative to the photo. Ideal for capturing the moment for use later in a blog, LMS, or newsletter.
  • Set reminders relative to a list to ensure your personal accountability.
  • Integration with Google Docs. Save comments in a Google Keep list and then while reviewing their Google Doc copy them over for detailed feedback. See the video Eric Curts created below to learn more.

Some students struggle because they cannot manage their time well. Introduce them to Google Keep, so they can effectively organize their time!