Trash for Teaching: What a Concept!


Every Sunday, I try to inspire my readers and this week, I stumbled upon a nonprofit organization in California called Two Bit Circus, formerly Trash for Teaching T4T. The organization collects trash from landfills and discarded materials from manufacturers, organizes it and publishes lessons and professional development to inspire innovation and STEAM for young learners. OK, so what if you don’t live in California? It is ok, collect some junk yourself or ask your students to bring in some junk they feel could be repurposed.

The mission of Two Bit Circus: is a nonprofit educational organization designed to cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship and spur community engagement. Combining the inspiration of Two Bit Circus with castoff material from hundreds of manufacturers, our programs help students learn STEAM education and innovation skills while inspiring critical and creative thinking

Check out some of their offerings:

The organization found a niche and regardless of geographical location, we can learn and use their knowledge to inspire innovation in our schools and classrooms!