A Viable Alternative to a 4 Year University and $100K of Debt


Recently, I relocated, and now enjoy a 25-minute commute versus a 2-minute commute. Some may think that I’m crazy, but I longed for more time to develop myself and decompress before arriving home. As an administrator, stressful situations are the norm, not the exception so finding solace brings your life back into balance and harmony to your family. Trust me on this one. My solace comes in the form of audiobooks and podcasts. Recently, I listened to The Art of Charm podcast named MissionU where Jordan Harbinger with Adam Braun discuss an alternative education path versus the standard four-year university. Adam graduated from college debt free, but his wife did not. She incurred over $100,000 of debt before earning her degree. Adam committed to building a viable education innovative alternative named MissionU, hanging his hat on the fact that employers want to hire competency versus credential.  The alternative University offers a one year program, and students aren’t required to pay a penny until they secure a job with a salary greater than $50,000 at which time, the graduate pays MissionU 10% of their income for three years. Their first major offered is Data Analytics + Business Intelligence which covers the process of collecting, analyzing, and telling stories with data.


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As educators, parents, and community members, opening our eyes and ears to consider alternatives for students will help our permission seeking children to view these alternative education opportunities as viable. Employers today want and need a different type of employee to remain globally competitive. In future blogs, I will investigate other unique alternative education opportunities! Stick around.